Friday, June 11, 2010

wishlist: madewell

now that madewell has made their entire collection available online, i have a new appreciation for the j. crew spin-off....

shopping online can be overwhelming: so many websites have reached their saturation point with page upon page of similar, indistinguishable items.

however, madewell's revamped site is kind of refreshing: their collection is really well-edited, the aesthetic is consistent, and most importantly, i don't feel overwhelmed by too many choices. i really think that when consumers are presented with too many choices, they often leave without choosing anything at all.

here's my madewell wishlist:

harem short: silky, slouchy and black - perfect for a night out.

high summer dress: basic cotton sundress with a twist. (i think it just sold out!)
colordrop stone necklace: kind of gaudy, but i like it.
two-tone oxford: a great translation of menswear for summer.