Thursday, May 6, 2010

nights in pink satin

shirt, bcbg. shorts and ankle boots, urban outfitters. necklace, vintage. studded cuff, express. men's nail bracelet, aubaine.

never, ever did i think i would say this, but lately, i've been really into pale pink. my wardrobe is pretty much a monochromatic wash of black and gray, and i've always loathed pink in all its inherent girly-ness. now, i find myself scanning the racks for neutral shades of pink, taupe and tan, eschewing my usual black and gray. and if it's lingerie-inspired or lace-covered, then i'm buying it.

i found this $200 bcbg max azria top at tj maxx for $40. it was one of those brilliant shopping moments when your boyfriend is dragging you out of the store (because the only reason you were there in the first place was to buy him shorts) and you're telling him "just one more minute, i swear!" and then some gleaming, beautiful, misplaced satin thing catches your eye. i think this was hanging off the end of the women's plus-size pants rack. i really love this shirt. it encapsulates everything i want for spring right now: neutral, lacy, and lingerie-inspired with corset-like detail. and, it goes perfectly with my fake-chloe scalloped shorts and painful chunky pink wedges that i can't wear for more than five minutes at a time.

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