Monday, May 17, 2010

what a beautiful buzz

with tomorrow's re-release of exile on main street and jimmy fallon's dedication of an entire week of shows to the stones and their new documentary, it seemed timely to devote a post to my two favorite stones girls: anita pallenberg and bianca jagger.

all pictures,

both shared a love for quirky headgear and the ultimate cool girl's uniform: a menswear suit. what i love about anita and bianca was their ability to seamlessly shift between the masculine and feminine. they were equally at home in a suit with hats and boots as they were in sheer dresses with glamorous furs and feathers.

sometimes you have to go the originators for real inspiration... the kind of inspiration that makes you want to wear a glittery turban out to a bar, a suit and hat on your wedding day or shorts so short they should be illegal.

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