Sunday, April 25, 2010

blondie is the name of a band

i need a tiny, black one-shoulder romper to complete my life.

ebay. com

if i could have any face in the world, it would be debbie harry's. her beauty is unreal, all razor-sharp cheekbones and cupid-bow lips. the men behind the front woman may have insisted "blondie is the name of a band," but it was all about the inimitable debbie.

i think that many times, when i'm getting ready to go out on weekends, i'm subconsciously trying to replicate her look. platinum hair, dark cat-eye eyeliner, sky-high hemlines, black one-shoulder dresses...

dress, urban outfitters. chain necklace, vintage. wedges, faryl by farylrobin

i'm pretty sure the only reason i go out anymore is so i can wear all the things i can't wear to work, which is like 80% of my wardrobe.

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