Thursday, April 22, 2010

for the birds

i can't help but love anything bird-related. but in recent years, bird motifs have been exhausted as an interior design trend, with cute little birds flying on everything from pillows to curtains to wallpaper (anthropologie, anyone?)

however, it seems like the trend has been re-invigorated through fashion with miu miu's spring 2010 collection. overall, the collection, which was kind of chaotic, didn't really do it for me. the collision of clashing animal prints (cats with birds), colors (navy with black), sequins (splattered on top of prints) and shapes (collars, ruffles and cut-outs) seemed contrived and disjointed, like "let's see how many random/quirky/kitschy things we can slap on a pants suit!"

the stand-out items in the collection were the much-blogged about satin bird platforms. scanning through images of the collection, i was instantly drawn to the shoes and reminded of the beautiful, dreamy bird-appliqued sky-blue rochas dress that kirsten dunst wore to cannes a few years ago. i remember a lot of critics hated that dress!

played out or not, i still love birds. some recent bird-related online scores:

bird cage jewelry stand, urban outfitters ($10)

owl jewelry tree stand, urban outfitters ($5). dollar store elephant figurine.*

*i may love elephants more than i love birds!

i tend to neglect a lot of my jewelry by leaving it tangled up and out of sight in dusty old jewelry boxes. these jewelry holders offer the perfect solution: visibility, with cute bird themes to boot.

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  1. I wish I could have a whole wardrobe of bird clothing! Would that be weird?