Wednesday, April 28, 2010

in pursuit of cooler boots

is there anything more moronic looking than a girl wearing fuzzy uggs with a mini skirt and bare legs? (maybe girls walking around in uggs and terry track suits with the words "pink" or "juice couture" emblazoned on their asses.) i always thought summer boots were an oxymoron, but my love for boots has sent me on a quest for warm weather-appropriate versions.

it's been particularly cold here in new jersey this week, so even though it's almost may, i'm still wearing leather booties and long pants. what i really want, though, is a pair of transitional boots made of canvas or linen to take me through spring and right into summer.

since these isabel marant spring 2010's are out of the question...

i'm considering some far cheaper options.

for me, all roads seem to lead back to urban outfitters. i'm trying to expand my budget-shopping horizons, but it's hard when there's an urban store right five minutes down the road from my office! i've become an expert at scouring their $10 and $20 dollar sale racks.

i see these boots paired with an old, vintage slip of a dress, or an old ratty tee and perfectly worn in denim or leather shorts. more on my new leather fixation for another post...

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