Tuesday, April 20, 2010

sock it to 'em

recently, i've been feeling conflicted about socks
. yeah, these are the silly kinds of things i worry about in my free time.

usually they're relegated to the confines of boots and long pants, but lately, designers, bloggers and the odd celebrity have unabashedly displayed them for all to see.

burberry spring 2010 showed ribbed, scrunched socks with beautifully twisted and knotted heels. (god, i would kill for that entire collection!)



j. crew infused its spring 2010 catalog with shots of neon color, courtesy of sheer anklets. their fall 2010 collection features nubby tweed shorts with heathered thigh-highs.


chloe's been rocking the socks for years, some times more successfully than other.

here's my burberry interpretation for $30:

wedge sandals, sheer socks, target.

dress, forever 21. cuff, express.

*please excuse the quality of my photos... i'm working on getting a better camera ASAP!

i don't know, sometimes visible socks just look... gimmicky. they work best when they complement an outfit, as in the case of burberry's muted sock n' shoe tones, not distract (chloe, i love you, but white socks with black clogs?)

(speaking of j. crew, how great is their collaboration with fenton/fallon? i would order one of the necklaces, but i determined they're not worth the $200/avg. price tag due to the trendiness factor (chains? check. spikes? check. tangles? check.) if i'm going to invest in jewelry, i'll stick to more classic pieces.

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