Sunday, April 18, 2010

a proper introduction post

first things first. welcome to "boots and tights," a lifestyle blog where i'll be documenting my personal style and thoughts on fashion, design, beauty, food, fitness, and the other things i love. throw in a healthy dose of narcissism in the form of personal style photos - because when it comes down to it, isn't that what a personal style blog is all about? - and we'll see how this thing evolves!

so why the name "boots and tights"? it's a nickname i earned during sophomore year of college because of my penchant for black boots, tight tight pants and short short skirts, items that have come to form the foundation of my wardrobe. come spring of that year, my then-crush (and present boyfriend) would call me "hermes" because of the now-ubiquitous gladiator sandals i wore to class everyday. people around me didn't always seem to "get" my outfits, but
i never balked at the nicknames or took offense. instead, i embraced them. to me, these names not only symbolized the individuality in how i choose to dress, but also the freedom in not caring about what others think.

for now, i'm in central jersey working professionally as a grant writer, devouring as many fashion, health and lifestyle magazines and blogs as i possibly can in my free time. i tell myself that someday, scott schuman or garance dore will snap a photo of me walking down the street, and the selby will immortalize my amazing soho apartment and the beautiful, over-flowing contents of my closet. but until then, i'll survive on my less than modest income with a wardrobe cobbled together from urban outfitters, thrift and vintage stores, and wal-mart (yeah, wal-mart! and i'm not ashamed to admit it.)

please comment, link, suggest to others, etc. i'd love to hear from you!


  1. You go girl!! You're fierce!

  2. Hahahaha just laughed so hard out loud in the middle of my office. Thanks Tyra!